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Atherton Estate Home

Located in Atherton on a one acre lot covered with towering oak trees this 7450 square foot estate home was built for the speculative market. While featuring all of the amenities expected of a home in this location and price range the item that distinguished this property from others built for the speculative market was the attention to structural detail. While granite counter tops and marble foyers provide a spectacular visual appearance it is the structural components of a home that truly enable quality living. Leaking roofs, squeaking floors and buckled siding create problems that will rob your family of the basic comforts which create a home.

Engineered Floor System

Typical floor structures are comprised of douglas fir lumber with a grade rating of number two. While these components meet code requirements for strength they offer numerous shortcomings as well. Two by ten and two by twelve material used for floor structures contain many natural defects created by nature such as crowns, a convex curve in the lumber, which create high spots in the floor. The typical two story home shrinks 3/4″ due to moisture content in floor joist creating drywall cracks, squeaking floors, sticking doors and a myriad of other problems if not properly compensated for during construction. After explaining these potential problems to our client we offered an engineered floor system as the solution. This system is comprised of trusses manufactured from kiln dried material and plywood to be dimensionally stable and to resist shrinking, twisting, and splitting. These attributes allow straighter, stronger, and stiffer floors and ceilings. As a result interior finishes such as smooth wall ceilings, crown moulding, and sight lines all appear clean and straight.

Exterior Siding & Trim

Homes built for speculation typically use cost cutting measures in areas which are covered with paint or other finishes. This home features clear grade redwood siding and fascia throughout, and purchased mill direct this material was brought on site and air dried an additional month before being back primed prior to installation An enclosed soffit with boxed end returns frame the gable ends. Redwood offers numerous advantages over many other types of siding such as decay and termite resistance.

Roof Membrane

To enhance the charm of this traditional New England architecture a cedar shingle roof membrane was selected. Sharing the decay resistant features of the redwood siding and trim this material was the perfect complement to offset the natural wood siding and provide the lasting protection so important.

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